Top 10 worst deadliest & dangerous floods in India


Floods means that Natural disasters of water. When heavy rainfall that time this condition arises. This problem has been often faced in many places in India. Many people have died in these disasters and many people have become victims of hunger. In this calamity, the fields of farmer’s have also been washed along with the crop. So we are going to give you all the information about 10 dangerous floods in India and you can easily understand it.

10 dangerous & deadliest floods in India

10. Assam Floods (2012)


Assam Floods (2012)
Before 2005 flood in Assam, dangerous flood of India which was a floods of Assam 1998. In 2012, when there was a devastating floods in the Brahmaputra river, Assam became the victim of this terrible flood. About 130 people have lost their lives in this flood and more than 450 animals have died in this floods. Around 65,000 hectares lands were also washed with the crops of their’s farmer’s. As well as in 10 districts and more than 1700 villages, people were very annoyed. Many animals died in Kaziranga National Park which is a famous place for Rhinoceros.

9. Maharashtra (2005)


The year 2005, one of the Most dangerous floods in India which was of flood Maharashtra(Mumbai). This flood came on 26th July 2005. This day was known as a black day because Around 5,000 people died in this floods. On that day, the maximum rainfall of the year fell in Mumbai.50 local trains, 900 BEST buses, over 36,000 auto and 4,000 taxis were damaged in this floods. An estimated 560 crore rupees were damaged in this flood.

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8. Bihar (2008)


Bihar (2008)
Before this flood, there was a very devastating floods in Bihar in 1987 and 2004, and this was the third flood of Bihar which caused huge damage to Bihar. Around 900 peoples, more than 3000 animals died in that floods and 20 districts affected in Bihar. Every year come flood in Koshi river and every year come floods in Bihar, but that year very affected flood came in Bihar. and that year also Ganga river’s flood came in Bihar. Bihar very slow in development because many time Bihar faced these Natural disasters. Bihar only that place which is most time faced flood.

7. Uttarakhand (2013)

Uttarakhand (2013)
Uttarakhand has never been in the past, the floods that came in Uttarakhand in 2013. About 10 districts were affected due to heavy rainfall. About 1 lakh tourists and pilgrims were trapped at Kedarnath valley in that flood without roads, bridges, and food. Because the roads and bridges were washed with water. This floods continued for 4-5 days. Our Government said that more than  800 people died in that flood. Many animals also lost their lives in that flood. Many damaged at Shiva’s temple at Kedarnath. People and pilgrims from here were faced with great difficulty in the flood.

6. Chennai (2005)

Chennai (2005)

Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu. There was floods due to heavy rains in Chennai. The pressure raised in the Bay of Bengal came to Chennai and that rain continued for 2-3 days. Around 50-inch heavy rainfall in Chennai. It was the worst flood in Chennai history. About 250 people killed in that flood. That flood came on November-December 2005. That flood was for the sixth time in 100 years in Chennai.

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5. Ladakh (2010)

Ladakh (2010)
That flood came in August 2010. There was heavy rainfall at night. just 15 inches rainfall in 2 hours and 15 minutes. More than 250 people died in that floods. This place is very beautiful for visit but that night heavy rainfall then visitors had to face that problem. 70 town, villages and other property were badly damaged in that flood.

4. Himalaya (2012)

 Himalaya (2012)
Himalaya’s dangerous flood came in June 2012. Such floods have never been found in the history of the Himalayas. 100 building, 700 places, and 150 bridge washed or damaged in that floods. 50 people died in this flood floods in India. Himalaya is also a great place to visit, but at that time people and visitors faced many difficulties. The water coming from the high altitudes went into the homes of low-lying people. People had to suffer a lot.

3. Surat (2006)

Surat (2006)
At that time, Gujarat’s most dangerous flood was in Surat. Heavy rainfall in Madhya Pradesh then Tapi river overflowed and the floods came in Surat. The flood was in Surat for 5 days. And it was 5 days too much damage to the diamond business and there was a lot of difficulty for the student because it was time to have an exam time. Many area’s ground flour sank in the flood. People’s pets-animals were trapped in the water stream. People had to face this problem.

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2. Jammu & Kashmir (2014)

Jammu & Kashmir (2014)
September-2014 heavy rainfall with the hurricane and floods came in Jammu Kashmir. According to Home Minister, 470 people died, 375 villages were sunk and 2,500 villages affected in that flood in India. Many people were trapped in the house without food and water. That flood was very dangerous for Kashmir because many side-effects were created for people there. Property damaged in this flood around 5500 cr.

1. Kerala (2018)

 Kerala (2018)

Such a floods has never happened in the 100-year history. 14 district in Kerala. In all these districts, the red alert was given. The duration of this flood remained for 15 days. The flood occurred on August 7, 2018, and for 15 consecutive days, the people were very annoyed. Wherever you see, water only water. And the ground floor was not visible anywhere, it was submerged in water.

Government and many other organizations gave millions of funds in Kerala. Many people, animals, and many other creatures died in this cruel floods, and many disappeared. The army delivered many rescues and gave food to the people. Kerala has been behind development for 10 years due to this floods in India.

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