top 10 Interesting facts of eggs & Health Benefits Eating Egg

top 10 Interesting facts of eggs

10 Facts and Health Benefits Eating Egg

Eggs rich in nutritious elements have many health benefits. If you do not know Egg Health Benefits, today we are going to tell you the best benefits of the egg for health. Egg is the most high source of protein. It is also rich in nutrients along with being cheaper. If you ate two boiled eggs in breakfast, then understand that you will get new energy for the entire day. In addition to proteins in the egg, there are vitamins D, omega 3, zinc, cholesterol and other very important nutrients. Let us know about the benefits and disadvantages of egg

These benefits of eating eggs

 benefits of eating eggs

Egg will eat you raw or boil and you will get its benefits from all sides. Many people also make this vegetable, which is quite fun. Many people also enjoy omelet or bhujia. Many people do not consider this as non-vegetarian but if you say it then it is very beneficial for you. It is not only beneficial for your health, but it is used to make skin and hair healthy.

1. Source of antioxidant

Egg is the best source for replacing antioxidants in the body. You can get an antioxidant equivalent to an apple by eating two raw eggs daily. This happens because of the two types of amino acids present in it. Raw eggs provide strength to the weakening of the muscles due to aging.

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2. Source of Protein and mineral

It is very important for the body to be healthy and healthy that there is no shortage of protein and mineral in the body for which the egg is a very fatal. An egg contains 6 grams of protein, which is what the body needs to repair the old cells and make new cells. There is also about 66 grams of phosphorus and 22 mg calcium in an egg yolk. In our body, 37 trillion cells need phosphorus to work properly.

3. Sharpen the brain

Eating intake for brain health is quite beneficial. It contains an element called kolline that helps in decision making of the brain. Apart from this, eating your eggs daily is good for you. This is the reason that the consumption of eggs in the breakfast is considered extremely important for children. This will have a great effect on the minds of the children.

4. Reduce Cholesterol Amount

Egg is a good dose to keep the body healthy and healthy. It is not necessary that you eat raw eggs, if you want, cook it lightly and eat it so that more nutrients remain in it. Fellow cholesterol should be removed from the body and build right cholesterol.

5. For the health of eyes

Eggs contain lutein and xacethin. Which prevent the blind collapse of the eyes and prevent the development of cataracts. Lutein is also found in green vegetables, but scientists believe that eggs have more lutein than vegetables. Which helps in making the eyes healthy.

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6. Build muscles

 Build muscles

Egg is considered to be a better food for muscle building. Eggs are high sources of protein. Its white part is found in albumin salt protein which encourages more protein absorption in the body and promotes muscle growth. Egg intake is very beneficial for improving and strengthening muscles.

7. Profitable in pregnancy

Eggs are considered healthy food for pregnant women. Apart from being very nutritious in it, it helps in reducing the risk of mental health problems in infants. Eggs contain colin salt nutrients that play an important role in the development of the fetal brain and help prevent birth defects.

8. Build strong bones

Since calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus is found in high quantities in the egg, which helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Eggs are propagated by the growth of bones and also reduces bone stiffness.

9. blood pressure

Those who have high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease should not eat the yellow part of the egg. There is too much cholesterol in it which is harmful to the heart. Salmonella is in danger from subcutaneous eggs, which can lead to food poisoning. If the egg does not cook properly then it can cause swelling, vomiting and other stomach problems.

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10. Cancer phobia

People who eat more of the eggs are afraid of cancer. According to a new research, eating more than three eggs a week increases the risk of prostate cancer. Eating too much eggs can cause paralysis, impotence, pain in the feet, obesity.


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