Top 10 Most Popular Sport in The world

Top 10 Most Popular Sports

Top 10 Most Popular Sport in the world: What is so much in the world that the most is seen, is enjoyed and the highest earning is done? The only answer to all these questions is “Sports. Audience are the most entertained of the Sports. You must have heard about many sports but we are going to tell you today the 10 most played games in the world, whose number of fans are in crores. You can express your ideas through the medium and share this post with as much as possible to bring this information to more people.

Most famous and popular sports in the world

10. Golf


At the beginning of this list is the 10 number ‘Golf’ in 10 Most Popular Sport. Golf was originally introduced in Scotland in the 13th century. Golf is played very well in American county and is also very popular. Most golf is played in Europe, Asia, America and Canada, and there are about 45 million football fans in the whole world.

9. American Football

American Football

It is known in American football that it is the most popular sport in the US and it is the most watched in America, along with it is very popular in neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico, but the rest of the world But it is also the ninth most popular game in the world, based on its current popularity. This game is considered to be 40 million fans all over the world and it is popular in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia.

8. Basketball


Basketball is basically American sport, and this game became increasingly popular in the 19th century and soon it started playing in the whole world. This game is very popular in the US, Canada, China and the Philippines and has 40 million fans in its entire world. Some say that it is the third most popular game in the world due to the play of the United States, Canada, Philippines and China, but on many grounds it can be said that this game is number 8 in the world and our list It is also in number 8.

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7. Baseball


This game is basically a British game and in this game there have been no special changes since about 1901. These days Cuba is considered the superpowers of this game in which he has won many Olympic gold and Japan is also considered very much ahead because it has won two baseball World Cups out of three baseball World Cups. This game is very popular in America, Canada, Japan, North American country and Cuba and is considered as 50 million fans all over the world.

6. Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table tennis is also called ping-pong. Table tennis is the most popular in China and besides it is also popular in Europe and Asia. In this game, the Chinese are considered to be the most famous and especially the Chinese women team, this team has been winning gold since 1992 in every international competition. This game has around 85 million fans all over the world and it is the most played game of Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

5. Volleyball


This is the fifth in the list of volleyball and it is one of the easiest games of the world that is played in almost every part of the world and you should play it just one ball and one net, after which it can be played anytime. May be. The simplicity of volleyball makes it one of the most popular games of the world. Volleyball was first included in the Olympics in 1964. This game has around 90 million fans all over the world and it is played the most in Europe, Australia, Asia and America.

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4. Tennis


The game ‘Tennis’, which is at number four in this list, is one of the most popular games of the world. According to some historians, this game is being played from around the 14th century but the modern rules of the game were made in the 19th century, according to which the game is being played today. About 1 billion fans of this game are considered and it is played the most in Asia, Europe and America.

3. Hockey


Hockey is the 3 most played in the world, and it is said about this game that it was played 300 years before Christ. This game was stolen from the Kolas of modernity and its rules were determined. In the 19th Century, the game was played only by England in its colonies, but it soon became popular among the people of these countries. India and Pakistan are the biggest centers of the game, but for some time Australia and the Netherlands are also moving fast in the game.

Hockey is also played in two types, 1. Field Hockey and 2. Ice Hockey. Field hockey is more popular in both of these and at present, hockey is the third most popular sport in the whole world, about 220 million people are fans and it is the most popular in Asia, Europe and Africa.

2. Cricket


The most played game in the world is the second in this list of cricket which is played like a religion in the Indian subcontinent. Cricket was first played in England and it developed on the same, but it is an irony that in the country where the game was born the same country could not win even a single World Cup till date. This game is played in most countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, England, West Indies, New Zealand etc. This game is considered to be around 3 billion fans all over the world.

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1. Soccer / Football

Soccer / Football

10 Most Popular Sport list, there is a position of number 1 in ‘Soccer’ which is also called ‘Football’ and it is also included in the Olympics. This is the most played game in the whole world, which has approximately 3.5 billion fans in almost 200 countries and it is played the most in Europe, North America, America, Africa, Asia.


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