10 most powerful missile in India


10 strong missile in India

You must know the missiles of Prithvi, Agni, Akash, etc., but do you know about other missiles of India, from which many enemies are afraid of neighboring countries. If not, today you will know how far ahead India is in the case of missiles.

First of all, we would like to tell you that DRDO itself makes missiles in India. There have been many such missiles prepared till now, whose technology and equipment have been purchased from countries.

Missiles manufactured by DRDO have been dedicated to Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. Let’s talk about some of the missiles that make India strong. Those who see other countries too are afraid.

1. Prithvi missile


It is a missile that is used in the three units of the Indian Army – land, the air and the navy. Different versions of earth missiles have been made for all three.

Prithvi 1: This is made especially for the Army, whose range is 150 kilometers. It is capable of carrying 1000 kg of ammunition with it. It is fired from the ground.

Prithvi 2: This is specially designed for the Air Force. Its capacity is up to 250 km and 500 kg of water can be filled. It is fired from a fighter plane.

Prithvi 3: This missile is specially designed for Navy. This missile can be launched from any fighter vessel. Its range is 350 kilometers.

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2. Agni missile

Agni missile

Agni-1: In this missile SLV-3 booster is used, its antioxidant capacity is 700 kilometers. Liquid Fuel is filled in it. Its first test was on March 28, 2010. This missile is capable of carrying nuclear material with you.

Agni 2: The range of atomic capacity of 3000 km is missile. It is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg of material with you.

Agni 3: India successfully tested Agni 3 in July 2006. Its firepower is up to 3000 km. However, it can be extended up to 4000 kilometers. It can load up to 600 to 1800 kg of nuclear material.

Agni 4: The missile of this 4,000-kilometer range can have full Pakistan and more than half of China can come to China. It was tested in 2011. This is also a nuclear-capable missile.

Agni 5: Agni 5 was tested on April 2012, which shook the whole world. Its JD comes to full China. Its range is 5500 km, which can be extended up to 7000 kms. It will be handed over to the Indian Army in 2015.

3. Dhanush missile

dhanush missile

This missile is actually made of Earth 3, which is specially used in Navy. Its range is 250 to 350 kilometers. This missile was constructed in the year 2000 in DRDO. The news is that many different versions of it will come. It was first released from INS Subhadra.

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4. Shaurya missile

shaurya missile

The short range hitting missile was made for the Indian Army. In it, up to 1000 kg of nuclear material can be filled. Its range is 600 kilometers.

5. Sagarika missile

Sagarika missile

Sagarika means being born from the sea. By the name you must have understood that it is for the Navy. The launch of this missile is done directly from the Pandubi. Its length is 8.5 meters and is capable to carry ammunition up to 500 kg. The construction of this missile began in 1991 and was completed in 2001. After that it was given to the Navy. The range of this missile is 750 kilometers.

6. Nirbhay missile

Nirbhay missile

The name suggests that this missile is not afraid of anyone. Yes, this is a subsonic cruise missile, which will be used for the three air force, water and air. The range of Nirbhay will be 1000 kilometers. It is being constructed in DRDO. Probably be tested by the end of this year.

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7. Moskit missile

Moskit missile

The technique of this missile has been imported from Russia. Its range is 120 km, which can be used only in the Navy.

8. Brahmos missile

Brahmos missile

This is a Super Sonic missile, which was created by DRDO in collaboration with NPO of Russia. Its range is 290 kilometers. It can be filled up to 300 kg of gunpowder. It is made for the Army and Navy. Its speed is 2.5 to 2.8 MAC speed. It is the world’s fastest cruise missile. India has prepared 110 Brahmos missiles by 2011. This number has increased this year.

9. Akash missile

Akash missiles

This missile can target a flying aircraft flying at a distance of 30 kilometers at an altitude of 18 thousand meters. In this, nuclear material can also be filled. It can target many targets at one go.

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10. Prahaar Missile

Prahaar Missile

This is a powerful missile of India’s low range. Its range is 150 kilometers. This is specially designed for the Army and the Air Force. This missile only covers 150 kilometers in 250 seconds.


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