10 new games see the first time in Asian Games 2018

10 new Asian games

There are 10 new games in the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia, these games are the first time to be part of Asian games. Organizing Asian Games from 18th August to 2nd September in Jakarta and Palembang. August 21st Saturday ceremony’s was the inauguration.

10 new games in Asian Games

1. 3×3 Basketball

3x3 Basketball Contest

This game involves a team of four players. There are three players on the field and a player reserve. Basketball is played on the full court, while the competition is held on the Hough Court.

2. Contract Bridge

Contract Bridge

The game is going to be part of the Asian Games for the first time with the cards. The duo of two players compete with the rival team by taking part in it.

3. Jet Ski

Jet Ski

This competition will be held on the Enkol Beach of Jakarta from 23 to 26 August. In this, the athlete will participate in four different category endurance rnabout open, Runabout 1100 stock, Runabout Ltd and Ski Modified.

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4. Paragliding


Athlete will participate in this competition in two categories. Organizers of Indonesia have done better inspection of air pressure and other related things in the venue.

5. Pancak Silat

Pancake Silat

Traditional Indonesian Martial Arts is one of the three competitions that Indonesia has attempted to get involved in Asian Games. In such a situation, local athletes will have a good chance to win a medal.

6. Jiu-Jitsu


Strategy and planning are crucial in this martial arts competition played in chess. It also includes some forms of wrestling. It is organized in three levels.

7. Sambo


This competition, which teaches the nature of self defense without any weapons, has also got place in the Asian Games for the first time. This is inspired by Japan’s Ju-Jitsu competition. This is a format of international wrestling.

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8. Kurash


Traditional martial arts of Uzbekistan, it’s 3,500 years old game. It is made up of a combination of judo and wrestling. This game is played only between the two rivals standing at matte stage and both the players try to avoid falling on the mat.

9. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

The event will be held in Zakabarang Sports City Athletic Complex in Palembang from 23rd to 27th August. In this, the Indonesian team is expected to have a gold medal. This will be held in both the ladies and men’s section.

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10. Roller Sports

Roller Sports

This is a competition for skateboarding and in-line skating skating. It will be organized in Roller Park in Jakabaring Sports City of Palembang.


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