10 powerful and strongest army forces in the world

world army

Powerful and strongest army in the world

Global Firepower, a well-known agency tracking the world’s armies, has released the list of the world’s most powerful and strongest forces in 2016. Let us tell you that Global Firepower is one of the world’s best-known agencies, which ranks the armies of all the world’s countries on the basis of their capacities every year. Today we are going to tell you about the world’s 10 most powerful army based on the list of Global Firepower. Indian Army also holds an important place in the list of these countries. Know the Indian Army and which countries are included in the top 10.

1. United state army


The United States, also known as the world’s superpower, is also known for its military strength. The US Army’s iron is believed by all countries, so it is the first place in the world. The US government imposes a budget of approximately 612.5 billion on its army every year. There are 1.4 million soldiers in this army and 15,293 are aircraft. This army is fully equipped with weapons, manpower and technology.

2. Russian army

russian army

Russia is the second strongest force in the world. This army includes 15,500 tanks, which make it the biggest tank force in the world. Russia is the world’s nuke power because of about 8,500 active nuclear weapons.

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3. China army

china army

It is the second largest country to spend on defense. Its army is the largest. At present, China has a military strength of 2.5 lakh personnel. This has cut a lot to imports and is now focusing on developing indigenous technology.

4. Indian army

Indian army

Indian Army is the world’s second largest army. Establishment of the Indian Army, which took services of eleven lakhs thirty thousand active soldiers and twelve lakh reserved military personnel, was immediately after the independence of India in 1947. It spends 46 billion dollars on its army and with time it is expected to grow more.

5. British army

British army

Britain’s defense budget dropped by 20 percent in the last five years. It has also planned to reduce its military strength by 20 percent. At this time, UK is stepping up to increase technology and improve research. Britain comes fifth in the list of the most powerful armies.

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6. France army

France army

France’s army is at number six on its strength. There are about 1 thousand aircraft, nine thousand ground carts in it. At the same time, these forces are technically stronger with 290 nuclear weapons.

7. German army

germany army

The army of this country is the most economically strongest in the world. However, recruitments are decreasing in the last few years.

8. Japan army

japan army

Japan, known for its aggressive tendency during World War 2, comes in the list of the world’s most powerful armies. After the defeat in World War 2, Japan was forced to cut its army, but today it is one of the world’s most powerful forces due to its subversive technological capability.

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9. South Korean army

south korea army

South Korea has fastened on its forces and made them strong by equipping them with state-of-the-art technology. It has kept 40 billion dollars for military expenditure. Here every other day, weapons of state-of-the-art missiles and destructive power are tested.

10. Israel army

israel army

Israel army is known for good training and operation. Although their military numbers are low, but it is considered to be one of the most powerful armies in the world. Their unique military technology makes them the most divisive and powerful.

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