5 achievements of India in the science world

5 achievements of India in the science world

In the last few years, India has earned a lot of name from its achievements at the national and international levels in science. here are list of 5 achievements of India in the science world.

Science analyst Pallav Bagla asked what five accomplishments that became the pride of India.

5 achievements of India

1. Mangalyaan


In the first attempt of the Indian mangalan, reaching the planet of Mars can be said to be the biggest achievement of 2014. India, succeeded in the first attempt, became the first country in the world. America, Russia and European Space Agencies succeeded in reaching Mars after several attempts. After the success of Chandrayaan, it was a success, after which India’s discussion started in the field of international space science.

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2. GSLV Mark 2

 GSLV Mark 2

The launch of the year started with the successful launch of GSLV Mark 2. It was a great success because India had installed a cryogenic engine made in its own country. This achievement gave India hope that India will not have to rely on other countries to launch its satellite.

3. Wheat genome sequence

Wheat genome sequence

Indian scientists, together with foreign scientists, sequenced wheat genomes. The genome of wheat is very big. For many years people were struggling to sequence this genome. Indian scientists successfully sequenced this genome in Delhi and Ludhiana’s laboratory. This success will help India strengthen its food security.

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4. GSLV Mark 3

 GSLV Mark 3

Recently, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched its most heavily rocket GSLV-MK3. A cue module was also installed in this rocket of 630 tonnes, so that Hindustan could send its astronauts to space in the coming time. That means, going from space to Hindustan, Hindustan’s rocket will be a big thing for Hindustani Astronauts to go into space. This success will be India’s fourth country in the world.

5. Achievements in the nuclear field

Achievements in the nuclear field

India sent nuclear submarine INS Arihant to the Harbor Trial itself. In a short time this submarine will start to be used, so that our nuclear weapons will be safe. Another achievement is that the nuclear power plant in Rajasthan has set the record for the longest running in the world.

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