8 story of mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures


8 Terrifying and Mysterious Creatures Stories

There is often discussion about seeing our mysterious, strange and horrific animals on this vast earth. In fact, such creatures had ever existed on this earth? Or, these people were just a part of the imagination! We can not say anything about this. Whatever the truth, it is certain that these creatures were a cause of complacency and awe. 8 story of mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures

Many of these mysterious, strange and horrible creatures have made many TV serials and Hollywood movies, but books and novels have also been written. Today we are telling you about 8 such mysterious, strange and horrible creatures in this article.

1 Lizard Man:

Lizard Man

The first name in the list of mysterious, strange and horrific animals is America’s ‘Lizard man’. It was seen on June 29, 1988 in the Swampland region of Lee County, South Carolina. The length of this bizarre creature with green skin was 7 feet 2 inches long. According to reports, the Lizard man had three thumbs in each leg and three fingers in each hand. He used to climb on the walls and sealing.

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The first episode of Lizardman was heard on June 29, 1988. Christopher Davis, 17, was returning from work at two o’clock. His car’s tire broke after approaching the scape and swamp. To change the tire, he stopped the car on the road. Shortly after that he heard the sound of running behind him He saw a strange creature coming from the fields running towards him. Seeing him, Davis hid in the car due to fear. According to Davis he was very angry. He climbed onto the roof of the car, broke a lot and also hit the side mirror.

The next month, many people complained to Lijardman to see that many people complained. All incidents were in the area of ​​scape and swamp, in the area of ​​five km diameter. All had carts and scratches on the car. After complaints of so many people, local officials thought there was something wrong.

Yet they felt that this bears a bear. After this, according to the details given by Davis, the piston of the lizard man was seen to be made. They were about 14 inches, according to them, such footprints are not in the records of science, so they were not sent to the FBI for testing. By the end of summer next year, the news that Lizardmann was seen to see was reduced. Even now, people are making such claims in between, but in fact, there was no such thing as a lizardman or not yet it is a mystery to this day.

2 Jersey Devil:

Jersey Devil

The mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures that have the second name in the list are ‘Jersey Devil’. Various types of things have been said about this scary animal from the 1800s to the 20th century. It was seen in a forest of pine tree in the southern region of New Jersey. It was said about Jersey Devil that he had two feet, a feather like a bat and a mouth like a horse. The legend surrounding this strange creature was prevalent that when a witch was giving birth to his 13th child, at that time he woke up the devil. This child changed the form in a strange way as soon as he was born. Jersey Devil had killed the animals. He had meticulous metabolic traps. He used to raise strange sounds Many people claimed to see this creature in New Jersey and its surroundings.

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3 Flatwoods Monster:

Flatwoods Monster

‘Flatwood Monster’ is the third name in the list of mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures. Flatwood monster also looked like an extraterrestrial creature. It was seen on September 12, 1952 in Flatwood Town in Bratston County, West Virginia. According to reports, he was 10 feet tall and his face was red. He had a strange face and his eyes were not like humans. It seemed he was wearing a dark skirt. He had neither his hands nor very small ones who had huge fingers at the end.

4 Owlman:


‘Owlman’ is the fourth name in the list of mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures. When the reports came in 1976 about this strange creature in the Mawenne Cornwell area of ​​Britain, it was named Owlman. It was seen flying on the Mawenan church tower. It was again seen in church in August 1978. It looked like owl, but the size was equal to a human. Its ear edges, eyes were red and paws were black. It was believed that the gray color had its wings.

5 Dover Demon:

Dover Demon

The mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures that have the fifth name in the list are ‘Door Daemon’. This bizarre and scary creature appeared in America. In Dover Town, Massachusetts, it appeared on April 21 and April 22 in 1977. It has been estimated that it was an alien or part of any experiment. He could also have a hybrid aliens. Some people say it came from other people. The head of the Dover Daemon was large and the eyes were visible orange and the hands and feet were thin.

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It is said that it was without hair. There were very few facial features. This strange creature was about three feet long. Dover daeman screams like a snake and like a hawk. Scientists believe that it may have come from another planet, or because of biological reasons, the shape of an organism of the earth has changed.

6 Pope Lick Monster:

Pope Lick Monster

‘Pope Lick Monster’ is the sixth name in the list of mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures. The size of this strange creature was like a human, but some of the features were like goats-sheep. Her legs were powerful, but she was covered with goats’ fur. He had a strange nose and wide eyes. There were horns like sheep on his forehead. There are many legends about this creature in the Arab world. Being said

7. Goatman:


The mysterious, bizarre and horrible creatures are the seventh names in the ‘Gotman’ It was seen in the weird America that took care of goats and human beings. The first report about this came in 1957. A eyewitness told that a haunted and horny animal has seen a creature resembling a monster. It was seen in the Prince George County of Forestville and Upper Marlborough. It was hiding until 1962 but it killed a dozen children and two adult people. It used to attack people with ax and cut the dead into several pieces.

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8. Canvey Island Monster:

Canvey Island Monster

In November 1954, the body of a strange creature found on the banks of the island of Canoe Island. It was named as the Convention Island Monster It was a creature of 76 cm in red brown color. The structure of this creature was very weird. Before this, no such organisms were seen in water. After some scientific tests he was buried. In August 1955, another body was found in the same place. This body was like the first one, except to leave its shape. The body of this time was 120 cms long. There is no information about whether this body was buried or it is safe till date.


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