top 5 Best & Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Father's Day Gift Ideas 2018,

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018, you can Happy to your Dad

Now, because your father has given you advice on the sage, we are here with some of our own sage advice: It is time to trade in times that you get it every year for some of the gift ideas gift. . We have put together the need-to-know pointers list to help you get started.

You forgot Father’s Day again, did not you? But do not worry, you can still make it right by your old man. E-commerce sites offer the same day and next-day delivery, you’ll see at least with the effort as the best son. What’s good is that after your thoughtful presentation arrives at their home, the gift-cover and the right side will reach. You do not have to communicate with other people, just click on the button from the comfort of your bedroom.

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5. Mi Power Bank 2i Black (10000 mAH)

Mi Power Bank 2i Black

Power back gives a backup of 10000 mAh battery The device load is 240 gms. Power Bank Dual USB Cable With the help of Power Bank, you can charge more than one device at a time. The device comes with aluminum alloy case and it sports 5V / 2A and 9V / 2A charging. And its price is Rs. 899

4. Xiaomi MI AI Speaker

Xiaomi MI AI Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Ai speaker is so small that it can be easily placed on the palm. The device has a built-in microphone. On top of the speaker there is a navigation button on top. With this help you can activate Play, Poiss, Forward and a Microphone. The device can also be used as a reminder. The device gives users access to 3.5 million books and songs. Will serve as a digital personal assistant equipped with artificial intelligence on voice command. And its value is 1800 rupees.

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3. 32 SMART- B9 Series

32 SMART- B9 Series

The TV screen is 32 inches, whose resolution is 1366×768 pixels. Aspect Ratio of TV is 16: 9. Samsung’s display has been given in the TV. The TV has a 178×178 degree view angle for the Rear View Experience. The TV has a storage of 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB. The device has an ARM CORTEX-A7 processor. Speaking of the sound system of the TV, it has two 2 audio outputs of 10W. For connectivity in TV, 2 AVs, 2 USB, 1 PC audio in and 3 HDMI ports have been given. In TV, you can easily download any app and movie by downloading it. And its price is Rs.13,490

2. iVoomi Fitness Band

iVoomi Fitness Band

iVoomi Fitness Band can also give to your father This fitness band gives information about all these things from heartbeat to how much you have gone in a day. You can also wear this band and do swimming. The price of this is Rs 1,999. This device also supports fast charging. You can also gift your father to Mi Power Bank 2i Black. This Power Bank is of 10000 MAH. With this Power Bank, you can chart more than one phone at a time. The price of this is 899 rupees. It weighs 240 grams.

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1. Oppo Realme 1

Oppo Realme 1

On Father’s Day, you can give your father Oppo Realme 1 smartphone. This phone is cheap and also good. The price of this phone is Rs 8,990. This phone has 13 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel front camera. This phone works on the Orio 8.1 operating system. To give this power power, 3410 MAH batteries have been provided.

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