Top 10 beautiful and largest deserts in the world

largest deserts in the world

The largest deserts in the world

Desert is a place where the probability of rain is less than the second place. People can often think of the desert as hot spots; However, some deserts are quite cold. There is such desert in the world where the temperature is very high and hot air is there. There are also four types of desert, tropical desert, coastal desert, chill desert, polar desert. Sahara is the largest and tropical desert in the world. So, here latest inventory about the top 10 beautiful and largest deserts in the world.

1. Antarctic Desert

Antarctic Desert

Winter dark, cold, snow – these may be some words used to describe the continent of Antarctica. But, did you know that you can add the desert to that list? That’s right – Antarctica does not show enough rain to qualify as something other than the desert. How much snow it receives, never melts and turns into ice. You will not get any flora except moss and algae. For the animals, you will see the whales, seals and, of course, the penguins. So, Antarctic Desert comes at 1st place in the list.

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2. Sahara


Covering most parts of North Africa – 3.6 million square miles – Sahara desert is the largest desert and the largest hot desert on the planet. While many people think about the tunes of the grand sand found in Sahara, they only contain a small part. The scenario is mainly made from rocky Hamada or barren land with rocky straps. You will also find a small patch of grassland, diversity of the desert, mountain, and shrubs of salt flats. Sahara is also home to an influential array of flora and fauna, which includes many species of fox.

3. Arabian Desert

Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert is a vast desert located in western Asia which extends from Yemen in the south to the Persian Gulf to the Far East and from Oman to the east, to Jordan and Iraq in the west. The majority of the Arabian Peninsula comes in this desert and the total area of the desert is 23.3 lakh km², which is approximately 70% of the area of India. In between it is the area named Rub-al-Khali, which is the world’s most extensive sand area.

4. Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

Gobi desert is a desert of the animal in southern Mongolia and parts of northwestern China. It is famous for its role in the Mongol Empire and is an important stop with Silk Road. The Gobi is also known for the highest temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degree Celsius) in summer and very low temperature in winter. The area is also rich in fossils, including dinosaur eggs, and animals such as Bactrian camels, Siberian Ibex, and Gobi Brown bears. So, Gobi Desert comes at 4th place in the list of top 10 beautiful and largest deserts in the world.

5. Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert is located in South Africa. Most of these areas of Botswana, in which Namibia and South Africa are the mainlands. The sand found in the desert is also a different color at the different place. Some people do not consider Kalahari as a desert because the level of rainfall here is quite good. In winter, the temperature here goes below zero points. There are innumerable species of different species of animals in the desert. Various varieties of flora are also found in the Kalahari Desert. The desert is very famous for its minerals, there are ample reserves of diamond, nickel, and uranium etc.

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6. Patagonian Desert

Patagonian Desert

The Patagonian desert is a cool and dry desert. This is the sixth largest desert in the world and also the largest desert of America. It is mainly engaged with Argentina, which is spread over an area of 670,000 km². Part of the Patagonian is also partially spread to Chile. Here minerals are coal, natural gas, oil, and iron. Other small amounts of uranium, zinc, and lead are also found in minerals.

7. Great Victoria Desert

Great Victoria Desert

The Great Victoria desert is one of the Australian Deserts. It is spread far and wide in Western Australia’s south-eastern and western parts of southern Australia. The area of this desert is 335,000 km² is. This huge desert is full of sandy tiles. The average height of the Great Victoria desert is 500 to 1000 feet. Several small lakes of salt water are found in the middle of the Great Victoria desert. There are also flat areas, which are filled with sparkling round stones with small iron oxides. So, the Great Victoria desert comes at no. 7 in the list of top 10 most beautiful and largest deserts in the world.

8. White Desert

White Desert

White Desert National Park is located in the north of Farafra, Egypt, what nature can do, has a picturesque display. The area shows the white shades of different colors, with bright white to creamy white, with chalk rock formations – some of which look like large mushrooms – which have been released from the air for years. When searching for this land, there are specific paths that one area should be conserved, and correctly.

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9. Chihuahuan Desert

Chihuahuan Desert

The Chihuahuan Desert is also one of the largest deserts in North America, which spans over 175,000 square miles or 282, 000 square kilometers. There are some incredible flora and fauna in the Chihuahua Desert. Includes Arizona rainbow cactus and gray fox. There are also some breathtaking places, making the desert quite diverse. The White Sands National Monument in New Mexico should look like one, which is a spectacular display of white gypsum sand tunes.

10. Thar Desert

Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is also known as the Great Indian Desert, the Thar Desert is part of North Western India and East Pakistan. The most populous desert on the planet, Thar desert is home to 83 square kilometers per square kilometer. The landscape is recognizable by largely transmitted sand tunes, which covers most of the desert along with alluvial plains and salt lakes that are visible during the monsoon season.

Biodiversity is influential with more than 140 species of birds, in which 23 species of lizards, 25 snake species, as well as chinkara or Indian gazelle, are named. So, Thar Desert comes at 10th place in the list of top 10 most beautiful and largest deserts in the world.

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