Top 10 Benefits of Padmasana, also How to do Steps and Precautions


Top 10 Benefits of Padmasana

It is very important for us to change our lifestyle for better health. For this, we can get good health by following regular exercises, balanced eating habits, staying away from fried things, getting up early in the morning, sleeping at night and so on. But due to the busy life-style, it is a matter of just about everyone. Therefore, there is a best way to stay healthy, so it is Yoga. Through yoga, we remain healthy and healthy. We have kept telling about all the yoga in our website. So, today we are going to tell you how to do the Padmashana What are the benefits of health

1. This seat makes the mind calm and prevents it from wandering.

2. By doing this the spinal column becomes straight, flexible and strong.

3. Those who want to get rid of stress, benefit from doing this posture.

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4. It keeps the pressure on the pressure after regular exercise of posture.

5. Its practice increases semen.

6. The person who wants to reduce their stomach and waist fat, should practice it regularly.

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7. The person who wants to reduce their stomach and waist fat, should practice it regularly.

8. If a person wants to reduce the fat and belly fat, he should regularize his practice.

9. If you want to make the neck and spinal cord strong and flexible, then they must definitely do Padmasana Yogasana.

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10. By doing this, the spinal column makes straight, flexible and strong.

Padmasana Yoga Method

Padmasana Yoga Method
Padmasana means lotus or lotus. This is one of Yoga’s easy ways in which the body is shaped to sit in the lotus seat. This asana is the only way to sit in meditation. But this easy body can get a lot of benefits.

Step 1: Spread a gap or mat on a flat surface.

Step 2: Slowly fold the feet and keep the feet on the other leg comfortably.

Step 3: Keep the feet of the second leg as comfortable on the fore leg. Those who can not keep both claws on each other, they can only keep one paw on the thigh.

Step 4: Feet on the side of the stomach, as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Both waist and neck are perfectly straight.

Step 6: Now put your hands on the knees.

Step 7: Both shoulders are equal and straight.

Step 8: Close the eyes and breathe lightly.


Precautions in Padmasana

Those who are troubled by knee pain or any swelling in the body should not do this posture.
Apart from this, people who do not have trouble with headaches, osteoarthritis and Sitalika, do not even do S-Asana.
Padmasana is the simplest posture and its benefits are also numerous. Regularly adjust this posture in the morning and gradually increase the sitting in this posture time.




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