Top 10 Best Things You can Save endangered animals

save animal

10 Best Things You can Save endangered animals

Those creatures which are gradually being extinct for various reasons and those who need protection, these creatures are called extinctioning souls. If they are not protected they will gradually disappear. Some of the most endangered species of India have wild asses, one horned rhinoceros, leopards, Nilgiri langur, musk deer, white rhinoceros and pythons. These animals were first found in abundance but due to various reasons their numbers have decreased drastically, which has reached the verge of extinction

save animal

Do you know of some endangered species, how such animals can be protected, what are the measures to protect them, let’s go:
1. Contribution to nature reserves and other forest areas: – Housing conservation is one of the best help measures to protect extinct animals.

2. Buying environment friendly goods: – Buy environmentally friendly goods. Buy non-toxic cleaners and avoid buying any products that are made from endangered animals. For example, organic chocolate, coffee or cotton fabric, products made from wild animal skin.

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3. Using traditional design, we can preserve the extinct organisms – use a native plant and tree in a butterfly garden plant and provide accommodation and food for “wild” areas.

4. By joining a local, national or global conservation organization: – Some organizations focus on a particular endangered animal, while we should concentrate on comprehensive efforts for all other endangered species.

I’m writing down some things that may help the protection of wildlife and endangered species

1. Organizations such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund have devoted themselves to this goal, it protects the earth and its ecology. Many volunteer activists join these organizations for the environment. You can also find and join some international / local organizations, such as these.

2. Boycott fur coat and those medicines made from rare animals – we must boycott all those things which are made of animal parts, ornaments made from animal parts such as ivory like toothpaste or baby deer The person is murdered for the skin because these costly coats are made because the demand for such things is very high, so these things are expensive and made of these things

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3. Raise your voice against this injustice. By doing a variety of ways like peaceful protest, human chain, petition and rally, you also feel with your heart what can be done on this issue and how it can be resolved. Letters can

save animal

4. Try to raise awareness among the locals about this topic. Contact the logo or via internet or another way is the blogging and social networking website in which you are threatened with animals and we are also in danger from animals and we can help them. You can post like this,

5. Recycle and reuse. By doing this, the protection of vital resources and organisms can be done only by not cutting the trees, and the habitat of wild animals will not be teased.

6. Governments should come forward and arrange for more safe areas for animals, where national animals should be built for wild animals being able to freely disturb them without worrying about prey and prey. Governments should enforce strict law to prevent poaching.

7. You can feed the local birds eat.

8. Happiness should not be hunt for fun.

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save animal

10. Many different non-profit organizations in the topic. G. O You can donate money or plant seeds to those institutions, you can donate in the World Wildlife Fund, which is engaged in protecting wildlife.

The security tasks include:
* Surveillance nesting
* Saves help with wildlife
* Computer and Office Assistance
* Coral reef research
* food
* Afforestation
Construction of new cages and nest boxes
* Organizing tourism for visitors
With school children on environmental education projects


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