Top 10 cricketer & heroines affair but no further extended relationship

cricketers & heroineys affair

Top 10 cricketer & heroines affair

News of affair between cricketers and Bollywood celebas has always been getting headlines. Some of these couples have reached the marriage, while the fate of some might not have been so good. Let’s know the love stories of some cricketers like this who had headlines. here list of Top 10 cricketer & heroines affair:

1. Kapil Dev and Sarika


Kapil Dev’s alleged affair with Hindi actress Sarika Thakur was also the talk of the town in the early 1980s. He was also rumored to have been dating some other girl. Eventually, neither Sarika nor that unknown lady became Mr. Kapil Dev. The honor went to Romi Bhatia. The couple is happily married and blessed with a lovely daughter.

2. MS Dhoni & Laxmi Rai

MS Dhoni & Laxmi Rai

According to media reports, Tamil actress and model Laxmi Rai had been unfriendly with Dhoni, but both of them got broken up. Lakshmi Roy has acted in Julie 2.

3. Ravi Shastri Amrita Singh

Ravi Shastri & Amrita Singh

Presently Team India coach Ravi Shastri had a fair fan following in his time.After Feeling for each other, the two had heard of their relationship with the camera. But this relationship does not last year. In 1990, Ravi Shastri married Ritu Singh and Amrita Singh married actor Saif Ali Khan.

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4. Yuvraj Singh Kim Sharma

Yuvraj Singh & Kim Sharma

Yuvraj Singh, who is also the star batsman of Team India, has now tied up with Actress Hejal Kitch in a marital bond. Earlier, Yuvraj’s name was in the headlines for a long time with Actress Kim Sharma. Later the two had separated the way.

5. Yuvraj Deepika Padukone 

Yuvraj & Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s name is also associated with cricketer Yuvraj Singh.There were discussions that after the break with Kim Sharma, Yuvraj was dating Deepika, although Deepika or Yuvraj never reacted to it.

6. Sourav Ganguly Nagma

 Sourav Ganguly & Nagma

South Actress Nagma and Sourav Ganguly’s affair also remained in the limelight. It was also rumored that both of them had worshiped in a temple in Kolkata where only Kapal could worship. Nagma had accepted the relationship many times but Ganguly never accepted this relationship publicly. Later Ganguly had withdrawn from the relationship looking at married life in danger.

7. Imran Khan Zeenat Aman

Imran Khan & Jeetat Aman 

Former Pakistan cricket captain and presently Emraan Khan, who is going to be the Prime Minister, has been discussing the affair with Zeenat Aman. Although both had denied these things. Now, Imran Khan’s third Bibi has also been divorced.

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8. Wasim Akram Sushmita Sen

Wasim Akram and Sushmita Sen

Former Pakistan bowler Wasim Akram and Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen met each other at a TV show, since then they started discussions of their love. Although both of them said this as a rumor. Then the discussion of this affair got cold. Wasim Akram married, but Sushmita is still single.

9. Rohit Sharma Sofia Hayat

Rohit Sharma & Sofia Hayat

The famous actress Sophia Hyatt for the bold look dating Rohit Sharma and herself Sophia disclosed this in 2012. They said that they were both together, but now everything is over.

10. Mohammed Azharuddin Sangeeta Bijlani

Mohammed Azharuddin & Sangeeta Bijlani

The “Allah-fearing” Mohammed Azharuddin was already married with two sons when he started his much-publicized affair with Sangeeta Bijlani, a top model and former Miss India. Azharuddin, whose name figured prominently in the match-fixing scandal, divorced his first wife and ceremoniously married Sangeeta.


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