10 travel destinations in India where you can travel on family Vacation.

10 travel destinations in India

Whether you are a corporate, a student or a busy person, who does a lot, is an ideal way to get off, be happy and rejuvenated with daily routine. There is nothing better than taking a break from daily activities such as spend some time with your loved ones at the place of a beautiful holiday. top 10 travel destinations in India where you can travel on family holidayThere is no better place than our country where you can spend a holiday, so we show you some excellent holiday place in India to enjoy with the family. There are 10 travel destinations in India where you can travel on family holidays.

Best destinations in India for Family Vacation

1. New Delhi:

New Delhi

With many museums, amusement parks, innumerable monuments, panoramic gardens and unlimited spaces for entertainment, New Delhi is definitely above all when we talk about the top destinations for a family vacation in India.

  • Shop for the best handicrafts in Delhi Haat, and eat different meals from different Indian states.
  • Look at the National Rail Museum, which is full of historical demonstrations.
  • Visit the Lodhi Garden with family and discover the historical sites.

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2. Rajasthan:


With the past, rich cultural heritage and powerful forts and palaces of its glorious princely state, Rajasthan is a tourist destination for family holidays in India. Each of the cities of Rajasthan has its unique beauty of its forts and palaces and the elegant mansion.

  • Take your children for a wonderful camel safari in the sand dunes near Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.
  • Wildlife safari in Ranthambore should be on your list. Stay in the camp for a wonderful experience overnight
  • Experience the joy after visiting holy cities like Pushkar and Ajmer.

3. Shimla:


Formerly British Summer Summit, Shimla is ideal for traveling with children and family. This is a good and affordable place for Indian family holidays for interesting activities.

  • Mall Mall is a good market for local handicrafts, wool, jam and Tibetan items in Shimla.
  • Make funeral of your family with your family and join the Kufri fair and join various ice games.
  • Take your family together for the toy train ride.

4. Goa:


If you want to enjoy the beach holiday, Goa is the best place for this. This small Indian state is world famous for its trunk palm trees and water sports. The sun, sand, and sea charm will never be disappointed in the temptation to visit you.

  • Experience fresh seafood on the beaches.
  • Travel to the tranquil beaches of South Goa, such as Colva and Palolem.
  • Get involved in exciting water sports such as water skiing, sailing, parasailing etc.

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5. Mussoorie – From among the major holiday destinations in India for families:


The famous hill station of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, is very popular for the holidays of India in families. It has plenty of scenery, food, shopping and entertainment options for families.

  • Travel to Gun Hill, which provides an attractive view of the snow-covered Himalayas.
  • Shop for spices and local handicrafts in the main market.
  • The beautiful Kempty Falls travels should be in the list of places to visit.

6. Aurangabad:


This small town of Maharashtra has a history treasure for family vacation and is one of the best places in India. The city is full of grandeur and beauty. In general, Sardiya is the best time to visit Aurangabad because the weather is perfect for a quiet and sightseeing trip.

  • Take your family to see historical and beautiful Ajanta Ellora caves.
  • Always wanted to see Taj Mahal but could not travel? To see Aurangabad, the Tomb of Bibi, the Taj Mahal should be at your travel destinations.
  • Plan wildlife safari and explore wildlife in the nearby sanctuary of Guana.

7. Munnar:


We all know how beautiful Munnar is, so it is the perfect meaning to travel with this family to this place. It is a good place to visit Munnar with the children because this place has got permission to spend time in the lap of nature, from one side of the busy life of urban life.

  • Camp here, climb, and you will be comfortable with these moments that you are enjoying your life.
  • Travel to tea gardens and tea museums.
  • You can see the waterfalls in each corner during monsoon.

8. Amritsar:


Amritsar can be a good experience for families and one of the best places for a family holiday in India. There are some amazing attractions in the city that will give you an unforgettable experience of traveling with your family.

  • Visit one of the best things in Amritsar along with your family, go to Wagah border border and look at the Retreat Festival on Indo-Pak border.
  • Go to a symbol Jallianwala Bagh in the fight for Indian independence
  • Look at the golden temple and be charmed with beautiful beauty.

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9. Varanasi:


Varanasi or Banaras is the world’s oldest city. Located on the banks of the holy Ganges, should go to the city for a spectacular cultural experience. By symbolizing spirituality, philosophy and mysticism for thousands of years, Varanasi hypnotizes the holidays with its magical mantras.

  • To ride the boat in the Ganga river for real Banaras experience.
  • Visit Ramnagar fort with your family and remember to show royal parties with your family.
  • Shop for silk sari, handicrafts and banaras emporium.

10. Hampi:


South India can be a pleasurable experience for your children. It is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi claims rich history and can be a great experience for family holiday.

  • The journey of various temple ruins can be a very interesting experience.
  • To see the bear slumber, see the Dario’s Sloth Beer Sanctuary.
  • Find out some of the last remaining structures of mighty kings and queens still standing in Hampi, which include Hathi Stable and Queen’s bath place.

It is hoped that the list of major holiday places in India will give you inspiration to plan a holiday soon. See our best choices for India holidays.

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