Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World 2018


Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians

list of the top 10 hottest, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexiest female politician in the world. All these politicians on the list are extremely successful and have worked hard for their countries. Apart from their good looks and good personality, their successful careers add to their hotness quotient. here are top 10 of the world’s sexiest female politicians. Take a sneak peek into some of these hot and gorgeous women politicians. Beauty with brains. This is the follow-up list of 10 Glamorous Politicians.

10. Ruby Dhalla

Country: – Canada

Born:-18 February 1974 (age 43) Winnipeg, Canada

Details: – Ruby Dhalla (born February 18, 1974) is a Canadian politician. She represented the riding of Brampton—Springdale in the Canadian House of Commons from 2004 to 2011 as a member of the Liberal Party. Dhalla and British Columbia Conservative MP Nina Grewal were the first Sikh women to serve in the Canadian House of Commons. She was defeated by Conservative Parm Gill in the 2011 federal election.

9. Orly Levy

Country: , – Israel

Born:- 11 November 1973 (age 43), Beit She’ Israel

Details: – Orly Levy-Abekasis is an Israeli politician who currently serves as an independent member of the Knesset, having resigned from the Yisrael Beiteinu party in 2016. Orly Levy was born on 11 November 1973 in Beit She’a daughter of Moroccan-born former Foreign Affairs Minister David Levy. She did her national service in the Israeli Air Force and later earned a law degree at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Early in her career, Orly Levy had also worked as a model and a local television host, before following her father into politics. Levy is married with four children and lives in Kibbutz Mesilot. Her brother Jackie is a former mayor of Beit She’an and a member of Likud.

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8. Nicole Minetti

Country: – Italy

Born:- 11 March 1985 (age 32), Rimini, Italy

Details: Formigoni; – Minetti is a television personality and political Italian, formerly Regional Councilor for the PDLduring the XVI Legislature (2010-2012) of the Lombardy Region, elected in the so-called list of Formigoni to the 2010 elections. She was elected in 2010 regional councilor in Lombardy, by virtue of his candidacy in the price list of the PresideFormigoni; the inclusion in this list guaranteed, in fact, the list of candidates automated election in case of victory of the candidate for President who were connected.It is asserted that his candidature in this list has been “wanted at all costs” by the then Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who had met at the stands Publitalia, where Minetti was working as a hostess, and which, according to the woman’s statements, would have given a result of bracelets. The streets of Minetti and Berlusconi intersect again at aggression suffered in Piazza Duomo from the President of the Council: Berlusconi during hospitalization as a result of the injury, Minetti was working as a dental hygienist at theSan Raffaele hospital in Milan where he was treated.

7. Vera Lischka

Country : – Austria

Born:-1 May 1977 (age 40), Linz, Austria

Details: – Vera Lischka is a former breaststroke swimmer from Austria, who competed for her native country at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. At the European SC Championships 1996, she won the European title in the 50m Breaststroke. Lischka won thirteen Austrian titles and was trained by Rolf Gläser. After her swimming career, she studied journalism. Since 27 October 2003, she is in the Landtag of Oberösterreich for the SPÖ.

6.Julia Bonk

Country: – Germany

Born:-29 April 1986 (age 31), Burg be Magdeburg, Germany

Details: – Julia Bonk (born 29 April 1986) is a former Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony from 2004 to 2014. Elected at age 18, she became the youngest member of a parliament in Germany. Bonk became a member of the Landtag of Saxony in 2004 directly after finishing school and is now a member of the Parliamentary Group of Left Party. She became nationally known as the youngest member of a Parliament in Germany. The newspaper Badische Zeitung counted that 87 international papers printed her picture. In 2006, Bonk officially became a member of Left Party. During the fourth legislative period of the Landtag of Saxony (2004-2009), Bonk was member and Vice-Spokeswoman of the parliamentary committee on School and Sport and the member of the Committee on Science and University.

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5. Anna-Maria Galojan

Country: – Estonia

Born:-23 February 1982 (age 35), Kohtla-Järve, Estonia

Details: – Anna-Maria Galojan (born 23 February 1982) is an Estonian criminal, remembered for her embezzlement conviction in Estonia, her exile in London, and extradition proceedings in the English courts. She as a celebrity was described in tabloids in 2014-2015 both as one of Estonia’s “most popular politicians and public figures” says and the “Estonian Swindler”. She describes herself as a “political analyst and dissident.” She was a leader of the youth section of the Estonian Reform Party, and stood unsuccessfully for parliament, working on the European movement in Estonia.

In May 2011 she was convicted of embezzling 60,000 euros from the non-profit organization European Movement Estonia of which she was the CEO. After that, she has been in London where she has been fighting extradition. She describes herself as being a political refugee, having fallen out with her own party, and others describe the “strange case” in terms of media bias say the money was misappropriated before she was CEO. On 19 February 2015 she was extradited to Estonia and transferred to Tallinn Prison.

She is also known for her appearance on the cover of Estonian Playboy in 2009

4. Eva Kaili

Country: – Greece

Born:-26 October 1978 (age 38), Thessaloniki, Greece

Details: – Eva Kaili is a member of the European Parliament, representing the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK), and a former television news presenter. In 1992 Eva joined the socialist Panhellenic Camp of Militant Students (PASP) and the PASOK Youth. In 2001 she was President of the School of Architecture Students’ Association and by 2002 she was already the youngest member to be elected in the Thessaloniki City Council. She is also actively involved with Love146, an international organisation against child slavery and exploitation and a member of the Panagia Soumela foundation.

3. Alina Kabaeva

Country: – Uzbekistan

Born:-12 May 1983 (age 34), Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Alina Maratovna Kabaeva is a Russian Honored Master of Sports, a retired individual rhythmic gymnast, a model and film star, and a politician. Kabaeva is one of the most decorated gymnasts in Rhythmic Gymnastic history, with 2 Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals, and 25 European Championship medals. From 2007 to 2014, Kabaeva was a State Duma Deputy from the United Russia Party. In September 2014, Kabaeva became the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the National Media Group

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2. Maria Carfagna (Mara)

Country: – Italy

Born:-18 December 1975 (age 41) Salerno, Italy

Details: -Maria Rosaria “Mara” Carfagna (born December 18, 1975) is an Italian politician and former showgirl and model. After obtaining a degree in law, Carfagna worked for several years on Italian television shows and as a model. She later entered politics and was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for Forza Italia party in 2006. From 2008 to 2011 she served as Minister for Equal Opportunity in Berlusconi IV Cabinet. Carfagna had been named “the most beautiful minister in the world”, and was ranked number one on Maxim‘s “World´s Hottest Politicians”. Spokeswoman of the parliamentary group of Forza Italian at Chamber of Deputies. In the last municipal elections in Naples, Carfagna was the most voted councilor in Italy, with more than six thousand personal preferences.

1. Yuri Fujikawa

Country: – Japan

Born:-8 March 1980 (age 37), Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Details: – Topping the list we have this young politician from Japan. She is 33years old and is a part of Conservative Party. She is a councilwoman of Hachinohe City and is the daughter of former vice-mayor and council member of the same city. She is often referred to as “too beautiful to be a politician” and also “Belle councilor”. According to a Spanish newspaper, she was voted as “World’s Most Beautiful Politician”. She decided to be a politician after her dad failed the elections in 2007.

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