Top 10 Most Haunted Place in India And Their Real Ghost Stories

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Top 10 Most Haunted Place in India

Friends, you must have heard a lot about ghosts, maybe in the childhood people will scare you that do not go here, do not go there … otherwise the ghost will catch, the witch will be picked up! Most of the childhood things were for fun and humor, but today I am telling you about some of the weird places of India that can never be taken in a joke because these are such places where there is no one, not two , But hundreds of people have experienced horror.

India’s Most Haunted Places

#1: Fort of Bhangadh

The fort of Bhangadh, which falls between Jaipur and Jaipur of Rajasthan, is considered one of the most scary places in India, the people say about this place that after 12 o’clock in the night, Bhuto is camped here, and here But no one can spend the night because the one who stops here in the night, dies in the morning, there are many TV serials on this fort of Bhangadh.

 Fort of Bhangadh

According to the people, a tantric living in the 16th century Bhangarh, which was known as Singhia, had fallen in love with Ratnawati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh.

Tantric wanted to get the princess in any condition, but she could not do anything, but one day the girl’s friend went to take her hair and oil from the market when she was returning with oil, only then the Tantric had black magic in it. , So that the princess should come to her partner as soon as she put her.

But the princess got to know about her tricks. The princess dropped oil on the ground. It is said that the oil turned into a stone balloon, and rolling it up to the Tantric and kept it crushed. Tantric was angry at this and he gave a curse that he would be completely devastated and those who died would not be discharged …. Soon his curse proved true and Bhangarh fort was transformed into ruins.

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Even today, the people believe that the soul of all those who died here is wandering around here, and many people have died here even during the night. Because of this, the Indian Archeology Department has placed the board also that entry to this fort is prohibited after the evening and before the morning.

# 2: Cantonment of Delhi Area

Cantonment of Delhi Area

Cantonment area of ​​India’s Capital Delhi is also a haunt of ghosts. It is said about this area that at the time of the night, a girl asks for a lift from the people here and whoever lifts her to the girl, something goes unnoticed, in this area of ​​Delhi many times A lady wearing a white sari has seen a lift asking for lift.

People also say that if someone refuses to give him lift, he starts chasing him at a fast pace. Let us also tell you that many people have seen that the woman goes ahead with their speed faster than their car and this is very scary.

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# 3: Savoy Hotel (Mussoorie)

Savoy Hotel (Mussoorie)
The people here believe that a British girl was murdered in this hotel, and her soul still wanders on here, looking for her killer and this place is also called serial killing because the people believe it That is the hand of Lady Orme, the same girl who has been murdered here.

# 4: Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)

Shaniwarwada Fort (Pune)
In this fort many times the voice of the groan of the people is heard, here Peshwas had the right, at that time, a boy named Peshwas, Rajkumar Narayan was murdered on the request of his aunt, since then the soul of that prince Wandering on here At night, scary screams are heard here, this place becomes the most scary and horrible in the moonlight night.

# 5: Vrindavan Society

Vrindavan Society
This place is a place where people do not even dare to go to the night, it is believed that a few years ago, a Vakti had committed suicide by jumping from the society building, and now the soul of that soul is its own. The person is making the image of the person, the guard, who was patrolling the night here, had slapped the loudness in the air and dropped him down from the chair.

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# 6: Ramoji Film city (Hyderabad)

Ramoji Film city
This is a place where there was the first graveyard and the soul of that cemetery still wanders here, and all those souls are dead soldiers. You can also tell them that during the shooting here Lightman and cameraman were also badly injured.

# 7: Raj Kiran Hotel (Mumbai)

Raj Kiran Hotel
Raj Kiran Hotel is in Lonavla, a room in this hotel is in the grip of soul, and no one here can dare to live. The people say that while sleeping at night, someone pulls his sheet and also plays awkwardly poor voice, sometimes it has been tried to injure people.

# 8: Brij Raj Bhawan (Kota)

Brij Raj Bhawan (Kota)
Here a British military officer was killed in the Battle of 1857. The soul of that officer wanders here at night. About this place, the people say that if the guard gets guarded and kept in the night, then the soul does not bother anybody, but if he sleeps in the night, he will wake him with a slap of loudness.

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# 9: Dr Hills (West Bengal)

Dr Hills (West Bengal)
Here many people have been killed in the dense forest, according to the local people, they feel paranoormal activites here.

# 10: GP Block, Meerut

GP Block, Meerut
At this place people often see four boys drinking beer on the roof of this double story building and there is no one to go there. Sometimes people have seen some girls wearing red clothes here too.

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