top 5 historical bad and good facts about Indian lions


Often the chance of seeing a lion or a lion in the house is available to the common man, when it comes to the village, town or the circus in the city. | In the forests and zoos, the good fortune of visiting the lion is rarely available to the people. Then there is the number of zoos in our country! Lion sighting is not empty in danger in the sanctuaries.

Circus lions are forced to show their diversions; Like collecting all the lions and gathering them, then joining hands with the ring-master or raising the hand of the lion (next toes) etc., at the behest of the ring-master, jump from the lagoon’s rounded circle, some distance To sit on a bicycle or to run it etc.

Lion Hunt

Often these lions are fed from childhood and since then they are trained. Their foundation of education is not love and fear. Each time they are shown the fear of being killed. Only after feeding, they are often fed food. They also learn all these work in the greed of food.

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Fifty cases have emerged, in which it has been found that this violent creature did not eventually leave its violent nature and as soon as the opportunity got its chance, its owner or the ring-master became his victim. He is considered the most violent incident in which once a ring-master placed his forehead in front of his audience, in the mouth of a lion in his son’s face, and Singh cheated him. It all happened in a few moments.
That is why it is said that the nature of the defected-that is, the nature of the creature does not change. Violent creatures can not even change their nature. In this way, when dealing with them or working with them, there are many dangers to match.

The exciting moments of the circus died at any time due to their violent instincts.

Weapons and guns are kept ready while working with them in the circus. There have also been cases that Singh was angry and had to be shot at the same time.

Usually the feats of lions or lions are shown in the circus; Other animals such as leopards, tigers etc. are not considered worthy to do such feats.

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Top 5 historical facts about lions

1. One reason why lions have come from ancient times in Gir Forest (Gujarat) is that it is said that during the reign of Nawab of Junagadh, where one side was made for the predators,

2. On the other hand, measures were taken to protect the lions in large quantities. In those days the forest was very dense, so here a large number of lions lived.

3. Even then since 1900, lions were protected from the principals and they were hunted only by Nawab’s orders. In those days, the big office-bearers and British rulers used to come here to hunt here. They used to be guests of Viceroy, Commander-in-Chief, Governor etc. Lord Curzon also came here for hunting.

4. It is said that a British officer of the Indian cavalry lived here for three years and hunted more than 80 lions.

14 lions hunted

5. Another British army officer hunted more than 14 lions in ten days.

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The information about all these things comes from the pictures taken in the palace of Nawab in Junagadh. The number of lions was very high in those days and no restrictions on the part of the government were on their prey.


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