Top 5 odd buildings of the world You will be surprised to see it


Top 5 odd buildings of the world

God has given everyone 2 feet and 2 hands, but when I was forced to think when I saw some weird buildings There are some people in this world who do not have enough money to build a four-quarters of houses, some people who have built houses instead of their homes, who come to see people from a distant place. Today, I am showing you 5 odd poor buildings of this world in this post and telling you that you will be surprised to see.

Millions of people are crazy about these buildings and millions of people come to see these buildings every day when you see their photos, then your heart will also wish you to see them closely because when you see them, they will say that this building is less than a mirror Not there.

You will be surprised to see the 5 odd buildings of the world

Country – There are many such shocking buildings abroad that everyone is eager to see. It is said that these designer buildings have been made to surprise people.

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1. Nagoya City Science Museum – Planetarium – Japan

Nagoya City Science Museum

The Nagoya City Science Museum, which is located in Nagoya city of Central Japan, has a texture similar to that of a cricket ball which looks hanging in the air. It seems incredible from the outside. It is also called the constellation house. This constellation is 35 meters Has an internal diameter when you look at this building, you will feel as if the cricket ball is stuck here, due to its texture, it will be in the world’s strange buildings.

2. Basket House – Ohio (Basket Building in Ohio)

Basket House

When you look at the Ohio House of America, you will feel as if someone forgot your luxury bag here. Its texture is like a basket, it is actually an office building and it is the headquarters of “Longaberger Basket Company”, it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. This building has two handles, such as a common picnic basket. The construction of this most unique building ended in December 1997, if you go around Newark, Ohio do not hesitate to see this building.

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3. Capitol Gate – Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Capitol Gate

Built in Saudi Arabia, the Capitol Gate is built in the world as the thinest building in the world. It is a 35-storey building, by looking at its inclination, you will feel like this building is just going to fall as it will not be because this building is neem ) Is about 200 meters below and its height is 160 meters. By seeing it in reality, you will refuse to go into it, so this building has been included in the world’s most awkward buildings.

4. Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum – Brazil

Niteroi Contemporary

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum in Baghel was built in 1996. It is a wonderful building that looks like a cup of tea, due to its texture, it is included in the world’s weird buildings.

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5. Cube House – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube House

Looking at the cube house of Rotterdam for the first time, you will feel as if you are seeing the look of some strange art. These buildings are not strange but it is true that the shape of this cube house is similar to that of the tree, which makes it look more odd than seeing it. 3 floor is wonderful to see the house but due to the strange corners of the walls and the ceiling can not be left in the room.


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