Communication in ancient time

Communication in ancient time

Communication in ancient time

Here is a list of communication in ancient time, what used our ancestors. We show that the hair is grafted and written, it connects one’s thoughts with its bound. In this era of internet, if you are in any way, you need to call it, along with your friends and train, make SMS, email, phone and video call, share it as well.

Whether it is sitting in the seven ocean crosses in the US or near to you! But have you ever thought that in ancient times when there was no internet or electricity … how did humans reach their messages from one place to another? Obviously, in that era, people had to communicate with each other!

Even nowadays, even though it was not fast to get their message from one place to another, people still had invented different means of communication according to their need. Today, you will know how people used to chat with each other without the internet.

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1. Pigeons were used as ‘postman’

Postman pigeon

We all know about this. In ancient times when the Internet was not invented, people used pigeons as messengers. Due to this, special training was given to the pigeons. The specialty of pigeons is that they never forget the path of their home. Leave them anywhere they go to their home.

By typing his message in a small note, people used to put them in a tube on the feet of pigeons. Then he was sent off with necessary instructions and was sent off. This process of sending chips through pigeons is called pigeon post. In the First and Second World Wars, pigeons played a very important role in transmitting a message to another.

Not only this, due to the messages sent by them, the enemy troops could be saved from the death of a group of soldiers. In the Second World War, 32 pigeons were honored by the British with ‘Dickin Medal’ for their admirable work. This is the biggest honor ever received by any animal gate.

2. Runner delivery message

Runner delivery message

In ancient times, the king used to recruit runners for sending his message from one state to another. These runners used to run the race from one place to the next as soon as possible. This type of runner was first used by Greece in ‘Battle of Marathon’. Greece defeated Parasia in this war. He used a runner to bring this news of his victory to Persia.

All this was done so that the second army of Persia did not invade Greece again. This work was completed by the runner named ‘Feedspipids’ which is also called the first marathon runner.

3. “. . . “It meant the need for help!

. . . for help

Dots and dashes in the olden days meant the Coded message!. It was used by pilots and sailors. In which three dots “…, —” meant (SOS) that means save our lives. It was sent in trouble clock, but in the year 1830, Samuel Morse made some changes in it.

Now these messages could be understood by seeing and hearing. It was called Morse code. The message written in it could also be read in the light. Samuel Morse used it for the first time in his electronic telegraph system. Nowadays, the Morse code is used by the navigation officers of air traffic controllers, pilates and water vessels.

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4. Message stick: sending messages using shapes

Message stick

Thousands of years ago, about 200 languages were spoken among the Aborigines of Australia. In such a way, it was difficult to get the message from one clan to another tribe. So he invented the message stick. In this small wooden stick, some special types of images were used, which meant that all the members understood. In this way, they used to share their thoughts without speaking to each other.

With these messaging sticks equipped with different types of shapes and signals, messengers used to exchange messages from each other’s clan chieftains. Nowadays we use the emoji in our message on different platforms of social media, it can be considered as an advanced form of this.

5. Yodeling


Bollywood superstar Shammi Kapoor’s superhit song, ‘याहू चाहे कोई मुझे जंगली कहे’, you must have heard it. In the beginning, the use of which Yahoo is used in the ancient times was to send its message from one place to another.

Yahoo has been taken from Yodeling and also in many Hindi songs you must have seen the use of Yodeling … especially in Kishore Kumar’s songs. Use of Yodeling In ancient times, people used to deliver their message to the people in the hilly areas.

This interesting medium of communication was used by the shepherds of the Swiss Alpine hills for the first time. He used to communicate with his other friend on the basis of Yodeling. Nowadays it’s used to be used by musicians all over the world.

Songs sung in Yodeling style from Baltic countries to Africa are available to entertain you.

Man has developed the means of communication with the development of his life. In today’s world, the Internet is the most advanced medium of communication. But this is not the end, even in the future people will definitely find the means of excellent communication.

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