Top 8 Dangerous and haunted places in the world

haunted and dangerous places

Dangerous and haunted place

Every one of us likes to go and stay in a safe place. But there are some places in the world where there is a lot of danger to human life. In some of these hazardous places, people are still forbidden to go. At some places in these places, there are such dangers, that if the situation changes even a little bit, then millions of people can go to the mouth of death. Some places are such that if a person goes there, the possibility of coming back to him is very rare. So here we are going to tell you about Top 8 Dangerous and haunted places in the world.

8. Aokigahara – Japan


Aokigahara is an ancient place of worship in the foothills of Japan’s Mount Fuji. 60 years ago this place became a favorite place for suicides when Seco Matsumoto’s book Black Sea of Trees was published. Characters of this book collectively commit suicide in this forest. Every year 70 to 100 people die dead bodies from this forest. Apart from this, this Jungle Murderer and other robbers meet, who clean hands on the pocket money of those who commit suicide.

7. Okefenokee Swamp – Georgia

Okefenokee Swamp

It is located in Georgia State. For thousands of years, the grass named Peat has spread everywhere. The houses which were made before and the roads were made by this grass-covered them. This is a predator grass. There is a panic of poisonous mosquitoes, worms, cats, venomous snakes, frogs and thousands of crocodiles. These creatures are extremely dangerous to humans here.

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6. Snake Island – Brazil

Snake Island

Ilah de Quimada Grand’s Nick Nam Snake Erin is also there. It is the coast of Brazil’s São Paulo island. It is called the house of the Golden Lancehead Snake species. Here the number of these snacks is so high that there are five snakes in every square meter i.e. in which in your place of single bed ten snakes and double beds, twenty snakes. This snake is counted in the most poisonous snake of the world. It can be estimated from this point that the bite of this snake dies within 10 to 15 minutes. This snake is responsible for 90 percent of all deaths due to snake bites in Brazil. Presently the Navy of Brazil has banned people from entering here.

5. Miyakejima Izu Island – Japan

Miyakejima Izu Island

Apart from nuclear accidents in this island located in Japan, there are also earthquake incidents. Here the Oyama volcano fades. Because of this, people can not take a clean breath here. To stay alive on this island always have to keep the gas mask felt because the amount of poisonous gases in the environment has reached a much higher level than usual. In this way, there are not many dangers on this island.

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4. Ramree Island – Myanmar

Ramree Island

This island is located near Myanmar. This island has got the place in Guinness of World Records for the fact that the dangerous animals here have harmed most people. There are many lakes of salt water on this island and they are full of dangerous crocodiles.

During World War II, 1000 soldiers of the Japanese army reached the island to avoid British soldiers. But most of them became victims of dangerous crocodiles living on this island, only 20 soldiers from the island were alive Had returned.

3. Mount Merapi Volcano – Indonesia

Mount Merapi Volcano

Mount Merapi is an active volcano located on the border of Yogyakarta in central Java and Indonesia. This is the most active volcano in Indonesia and it has been continuously active since 1548. Even when it does not explode, it still smells a lot of amounts and it appears up to a height of 2 miles in the sky. Around 200,000 people live in less than 4 miles of it. If this volcano has suddenly assumed a large form then it will cause a huge catastrophe.

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2. Lake Kivu – Africa

Lake Kivu

This lake is situated in the middle of the African continent Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Methane gas is hidden beneath its deep water. If the cloud of death made by this toxic gas comes above the surface then the lives of two million people in this area can be in danger.

1. Bloody Pond – Japan

Bloody Pond

This is one of Japan’s most famous places. Swimming in this puddle is forbidden because its temperature remains 194 Fahrenheit. The amount of iron and salt in the lake is quite large and its blood is red-blooded. The steam evaporates from the surface of the water. It looks as if it is the door to Hell. It is also called the Hell of the Earth.

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