Top 8 different, unique and weird Bridges in the world


different, unique and weird bridges

Walking on water is never easy. In such a situation, humans have built a beautiful bridge over water. Designed to make a bridge on the River Thames in 2015, the designs were sought. These included 74 entries from around the world. These entries included the idea of making bridges, lattice bridges and water bridges.

However, the second bridge on the River Thames has been approved, which is being named after the garden bridge i.e. surrounded by trees and plants. The design of Thomas Heatherwick has been approved in December 2014.

Here is the list about top 8 weird, curious and bizarre Bridges in the world.

1. The Rolling Bridge (London)

The Rolling Bridge

A part of this 12-meter bridge in London collides in the Grand Union Canal of the Paddington Basin. Its design is also of Thomas Heatherwick, who has also prepared London’s double-decker bus. The eight parts made from its steel and wood are swinging until the two parts of the octagonal shape are found in the bridge.

Every Friday, the bridge shows its performances to the audience and does not need to tell that the audience is not from the UK alone, but the tourists from around the world are here. According to Heatherwick Studios, “Our aim was to make bridge movements very different.”

2. Henderson Waves (Singapore)

Henderson Waves

This is Singapore’s highest passenger bridge. It was built to connect two Parks of the southern part of the peninsula. This bridge was opened to the public in 2008. It was designed by London-based IJP Corporation and RSP Architects Planners. This bridge made of a 274-meter tall steel ribbed shape looks like a wavy shape.

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3. High Trestle Trail Bridge, Iowa (USA)

High Trestle Trail Bridge

High Trestle Trail Bridge is Located on the Des Moines River in Iowa. It is part of a 40-kilometer long road, which was reopened in 2011. The bridge is 800 meters long and is 40 meters high. David Dalquist Studios has set up 41 steel frames on this bridge in a manner that reflects the identity of the area’s mining.

4. Lingzidi Bridge, Shangzhou (China)

Lingzidi Bridge

These bridges, built by architect Joshua Bolchovar and John Lin, are located in Shanxi province of China. Bridge of Lingjiddi bridge ready in 2012. Through this, the life of people near the river has got accelerated. According to the makers, the bridge is small but it is very important for the economy of this village.

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5. Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Moses Bridge

Generally, the bridges are made over the water to cross the rivers, but in the Fort de Roure, near the village of Halsarten, there is drowning bridges which are below the river level. Actually, it’s like a dam, where water does not come out. If water comes, then it is taken out through the pump system. It is designed by Dutch architect RO and AD. They built this bridge near the 18th-century fort.

6. The Fan Bridge, London

The Fan Bridge

For the residents of London, the second foot over the bridge on the Paddington Basin is made in September 2014. This second bridge was completed after ten years of Heatherwick’s rolling bridge. The British firm Knight Architects designed this bridge.

According to its engineers, this is a beautiful bridge which is also artistic and is also right from the scientific point of view. The second part of this bridge opens with the help of the hydraulic jack on the canal.

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7. Melkwegbridge, Netherlands

Melkweg bridge

Built in 2012, this bridge passes through the beautiful canal of the Netherlands. These are two bridges in reality. A bridge arch is located at an altitude of 12 meters above the water level. The wheelchair and cyclist use the second bridge below it.

When a boat passes under this bridge, this bridge is divided into two parts. According to Designer Next Architectus, people reach from one end to the other in the shortest possible time by the bridge, and it has its own charm.

8. Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, France

Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir

Austrian architect Dietmar Feltner has a good experience of making a bridge. The Butterfly Bridge, built in Copenhagen, opens in three parts. But a special bridge made by them is the Simone de Bour Bridge of Paris. This bridge was completed in 2006.

There are five ways to reach one end from one end to another, which are located at different elevations, there is also a park and a safe area in the middle of the bridge, which provides shelters to avoid the rain.

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