The world’s 3 strongest animal can lift staggering weights


3 strongest animal can lift staggering weights

Paul Anderson is considered the world’s most powerful person. They could lift eight people together on their backs.

It is said that Anderson raised 2.8 tons of weight on his back in 1957. For a while, a world record was also named after him. Later, due to lack of evidence, these records were snatched from them.

A lot of people tried, but no one could even reach to Paul Anderson’s regime. It is useless for a person to take so much weight.

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But there are many animals, which are known to carry heavy weights. Like horses There are many horse breeds that have been used to carry heavy luggage. Such as Packhors, Shire Horse and Clydeasdale etc.

Scientists have created new breeds by cross breeding of different breeds of horses, which can lift heavy weights. These horse-bearing horses are called ‘Dot Horses’ in English.

It is said that with the help of these horses, the Industrial Revolution has been successful in England. When these horses took from train coaches to lathas and wagons, they moved from one place to another.


Even when James Wat made the first engine of steam in England, he made the scale of Horse Power to measure its power.

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According to James Watts, a horse can lift 15 tons of weight in a minute. At first, people said this measure is wrong. But in 1993, James Watts’ findings were very close to the truth.

Draft horses are still used in many factories of liquor. The forest department in England also brings these horses to various types of work. Many people come to see the strength of these horses.

Apart from horses, elephants are also known to carry heavy weights. For centuries man has been carrying heavy goods through elephants. East Asian countries or India and Sri Lanka, many places are transported through elephants.

In India, the entire network of railways was laid by elephants. This is also the reason for their safety. Most of the mammalian organisms have ten feet of body weight, their skeleton occurs. But in elephants this number is 20 percent. This is the reason why they can weigh more.

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Again, there is a lot of elephants in hand picking up heavy luggage which is made up of half a million musicals. It is said that the elephant can lift 300 kg from its trunk itself. African elephants are much larger in Africa than elephants. That is why they can lift even more weight.

But you will be surprised to know that in the case of weight lifting, elephants are far behind even some small animals.

In this case the ants are very forward. They take more than ten to fifty times more weight than their body. A species of ant, about ‘ocophilia samaradina’, is said to be able to lift 100 times heavier weight than its weight.


Humans, horses or elephants carry weight through their backs. At the same time ants use their jaws for it, which are very strong.

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In addition to the ants, cowboys are also known to carry many times more weight than themselves. Like a womb named Hercules Beetle is known to carry 850 times more weight than its body. However this claim can not be ratified.

Roger Kram of Colorado University of America tried to find out the truth of this claim. They found that Hercules Beetle could carry only 100 times heavy stuff from its weight. This is also a surprise thing.

In 2010, another breed of goiter is thethophagus torus, the world’s strongest beetle record. These worms living in dung can pull 1141 times heavy objects with them. Rob Nell of London University had detected this.

If any other creature can stand against a gambler, then it is termite. Which weighs only 100 micrograms. According to a research conducted in 2007, termite can carry a heavy burden of 1180 times with its weight and can pull 540 times heavy stuff from it.


Italian scientists Galileo Galilei had figured out the scientific reason for such insects being so strong.

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According to them, if their size is small, then these organisms do not have to stress so much to handle their weight. That is why these small creatures take heavy weight or pull them off too many times.

Against them many powers of big animals are spent in handling their weight. That is why they do not gain much weight in the ratio of insects. If insects are small then they also need less energy. That is why they also pull heavy stuff from themselves.

If this animal becomes the size of humans or other animals, then they will also be inclined to carry too much weight. Perhaps they can not bear the burden of their body.

It means that even before today’s most powerful animals, there have been very powerful animals on the earth. Such as dinosaurs But that too will be helpless in front of your body.


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